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Bringing Hope and Grace to Our Fellow Brothers and Sisters in Recovery

Phoenix Sober Living House for Men

Safe and Sound Transitional Living is a recovery home for men in Phoenix, AZ. We’re more than just a place to stay during substance abuse recovery; we’re a supportive environment with a staff that’s here to help each resident make the transition to a healthier, happier, substance-free lifestyle. Our mission is to impact the lives of those lost in addiction and to bring hope to men seeking a new way of life.

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Recovery Services

Windrose House
Krall House
Windrose House
Windrose House

Mario Torrez

Our founder, Mario Torrez, is a recovering alcoholic and addict with experience in sober living and participating in a range of treatment programs.

About the Founder and CEO

The male recovery house assists men of all ages who are going through substance abuse programs for drug and alcohol addiction. The home provides a comfortable and safe living environment for your drug and alcohol recovery. Just as importantly, Mario’s experience and empathy allows him to relate to residents as a fellow alcoholic/addict in recovery. Everyone living at our substance abuse home will benefit from Mario’s insight and support.

Safe and Sound Transitional Living founder, Mario Torrez, is a Phoenix native and proud father of four who is a recovering alcoholic and addict. After experiencing the recovery process firsthand, he realized how important it is to have a stable, supportive living environment while facing the challenges of recovery and AA. Mario’s firsthand understanding of the recovery journey allows him to give back and help those who need to change their lives and break the cycle of addiction.

An Upscale Male Sober Living Home

Safe and Sound Transitional Living is a halfway house for men that provides comfortable, welcoming recovery housing to those struggling to overcome addiction in Phoenix, AZ. We’re a home that caters to men in every stage of their recovery journey, providing the support and encouragement you need to conquer any substance abuse problems. No one should go through the recovery process alone. It takes the understanding and support of others who are on the journey themselves to make the transition to substance-free life.

When it comes to recovery, we offer more than four walls and a roof. Our program supplies support to foster personal growth and responsible behaviors. We find that structure and accountability are the keys to long-term success for conquering substance abuse . Our home equips you with the tools you need for sustained success, whether that means discovering educational or employment opportunities and transitioning into society as a productive member.

Our home is staffed by individuals with personal experience in sober living.

Our home offers consistent support throughout your recovery journey.

Recovering alcoholics and addicts are welcome and supported here.

Our recovery housing is upscale and comfortable, designed to help residents feel at home.

Start the Path to Recovery

Addiction can seem hopeless without a structured environment of support. Let Safe and Sound Transitional Living alcohol and drug recovery center be your foundation for support as you take steps down the path toward recovery.

Contact us today, no matter what stage you’re at, and we’ll help you the rest of the way.

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